VMlogin browser automation test tool can realize some automatic control operations of configure the browsers for vmlogin user, such as: opening the specified page, looking for the specified position in the page to enter text/click, and executing user-defined JS script and other functions.

Let's take a look at the main interface of the automation test tool

VMLogin API token is the user's API token, which requiresthe user to login to the Web background. This token value can be set in( web background -> account management -> my account -> API token).

Click Generate Token to get a random token value, and then click submit to confirm the modification.

The IP and port values in VMLogin automated test settings correspond to the corresponding values set on the VMLogin client.

VMlogin client -> My Account -> Browser automation settings -> you need to enable the browser automation settings and save it. so that the port is opened, which also allows the automated test tool to control which profile browser is started.