my4Gproxy Settings

  • 1. Log in to my4Gproxy official website (, click "Pricing" to purchase a package. After the purchase is successful, the customer service will send the IP information, as shown below.

  • 2. Open the VMLogin client

  • 3. Click "New browser profile" or “Create a new profile”;
    Set the proxy server or select the created profile in the "Browser profile" list, then right-click and select "Edit profile" or "Edit Proxy Configuration" to set the proxy IP;

  • 4. Open the "Enable Proxy Server" button;

  • 5. Select the proxy type corresponding to the IP, such as HTTP, SOCKS5;

  • 6. Select "Paste proxy information" or fill in proxy IP:port:login user:login password in sequence;

  • 7. Click "Test Proxy", after the test is successful, click "Save" to save and then open the browser for use;

  • 8. After filling in the IP information and saving it, open the IP Rotation Link, and the IP will be rotated every 5 minutes;

  • 9. Open IP Status Link, it will display the current IP and the last IP.