Set 911-S5 proxy

1、Open 911-S5 proxy and go to “Program” page

2、Add a program randomly in “program list” :The 911 S5 program requires the user to select a program. Please do not add VMlogin here, otherwise it will be interfered.

3、Go to Settings page

•In the General Settings section, please do not check "Auto change TimeZone"

•In the General Settings section, please do not check “Auto close program when change proxy”

•In the Proxy port section under General Settings section, please select "Custom" and set the port number, and be sure to click the "Save" button to save the settings

•In the Proxy tool section, select "Other Proxy Tools"

4. Go to the "ProxyList" page and double-click the proxy you want to use.

5. Start VMlogin and create a VMlogin browser configuration file using SOCKS5 proxy.In the proxy settings section of the browser configuration file, please enter the IP and port according to the settings in the 911 software.Username and Password need to be left blank.

6.Open this browser configuration file

Open multiple browser profiles with different IPs and port

You can also forward the 911 S5 proxy to several specific ports in your computer to assign a different proxy to each browser configuration file. This will allow you to open multiple VMlogin browser configuration files at the same time using the 911 S5 agent.

1、Open the 911 S5 and go to "Setting" page.

2、In the General Settings section, enter the range for port forwarding.

3. Right-click the proxy you want from "ProxyList" and select "Forward Port To Proxy" ,and select any available port for the proxy.

You can also check the proxy that has been assigned to a port on the local host. In the "Proxy List (ProxyList)" page, click the "PortForwardList" button, you can find the information.

4. Set the SOCKS5 proxy in the VMlogin browser configuration file. Enter the local address (ie in the proxy address bar and enter the corresponding port value to complete the setting.

5. Save the settings and the configuration file, and then you can open browser to test the socks5 proxy.

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